RPA 101 – Empowering the value of your tasks

What if I told you that we have the technology to automatize repetitive and standarized activities?


What if you could invest all that time and effort in more valuable tasks?. 

No, I’m not talking about movies or a dystopian reality.Let me introduce you to the world of RPA (Robotics Process Automation),  which technically means using software, commonly known as a ‘robot’, to capture and interpret existing IT applications to enable transaction processing, data manipulation and communication across multiple IT systems. 

But it’s more than that, thanks to the Machine Learning/Deep learning techniques a robot is evolving to take more cognitive tasks.

But wait… what kind of small processes or tasks are suitable for RPA?

RPA tools works better in small processes (tasks) with repeatable, predictable interactions with IT applications. Agnostic works with top-leading RPA tools in the 2017 Gartner’s magic quadrant. All our customers will have a proved and scalable robot built in a reliable platform.

These tools can improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of services without changing the underlining systems, with few to none integration costs.

RPA robots are developed to handle small business rules and activities by simulating the way that people interact with applications through a user interface and following simple rules to make decisions. Entire end-to-end processes can be performed by software robots with very little human interaction, typically to manage exceptions. Agnostic RPA developments have fault-tolerance in their algorithims in order to provide another layer of guaranteed operation. Also, we believe that imitating people behaviour with applications is just one of the uses, RPA add value. You can also interact through webservice (REST/SOAP), integrate legacy applications, APIs for social media, use OCR/ICR software products to do even complex tasks.

We suggest (there are plenty of them) to implement RPA robots in processes and tasks that are:

Repetitive – yes, we are getting rid of those rutinary tasks.
Prone to error – We are all human, and mistakes could happen.
Rules based
Involve digital data
Time critical and seasonal
Linear Customer Asistants – Yup, we mean those ChatBots.
RPA means efficiency, low operational risk and a low-cost solution; that could lead to an improved internal processes, and a better customer experience. Digitalization has evolved and most of the companies are early-adopting RPA and AI solutions as the next technology as shown below:


Between 80-90% of the companies world-wide are considering RPA and AI, Agnostic offer a service that you can take advantage of both, with custom RPA robots.

If we take a look, it’s outdated to talk about an ERP or eCommerce technology, well RPA is the present.

Our Cognitive Processes team has experts that can guide and help you through this process of diving into Robotic Process Automation universe. This is a series of articles we’re about to share with you in order to get a fully insight on this Intelligent Software Automation robots.

In Agnostic we believe that Robotic Process Automation can help people to become more human at work or duties. You’ve taken the first step, I guess it’s time to get deeper…