Marketing automación: en qué consiste exactamente y cómo utilizarlo para potenciar los equipos de trabajo

What are the main benefits of marketing automation and how you can apply it within a marketing strategy.

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What is marketing automation

Marketing automation is the use of CRM software to perform repetitive actions in an automated way within a digital marketing strategy. Born
with the purpose of helping companies to work in a more agile and efficient way , helping to achieve their objectives while saving time and resources.

The automation platform emerged as an email marketing tool and currently seeks to find automated solutions to repetitive tasks in various fields . Through this technology it is possible to reduce human error, optimize available resources and improve the customer experience.

Some of the most important automated actions are: 

  • Inform the client of a new content created.  
  • Generate automatic responses for new leads. 
  • Segment leads to offer them personalized content.  
  • Automate and improve the marketing processes of the entire organization.
  • Send content within a few days of taking a specific action. 

Concrete examples of marketing automation

Currently there are endless examples of how marketing automation works beyond email marketing and here we share some cases on how to incorporate it into a business strategy: 

  • By creating welcome emails: When a user registers to receive a newsletter, downloads a content offer or completes a form to receive advice, custom mailings can be created to welcome and strengthen the brand image.
  • With remarketing actions : It is an ideal strategy to reconnect with old customers or customers who were about to make a purchase and did not prosper. Marketing automation can be used to remind potential buyers to checkout.
  • Sharing personalized content: Each lead can receive content according to the stage of the buyer's journey in which it is found to help them with their specific needs. These automated actions will help improve the user experience and develop better marketing efforts.
  • With the creation of automatic surveys: It is a key instance to define improvements in the processes either in the shopping experience with the product or service in question, on the attention received or on the product / service in itself.
  • Scheduling social media content: Managing social media content strategically helps save time, maximize results, and automatically ensure regular posts to create a community of loyal customers.
  • Generating loyalty: The programmed responses that are triggered when the customer or lead performs a specific action help to develop loyalty with the brand. Likewise, shipments on special dates such as special days and birthdays are an excellent way to delight the customer in order to retain them.
  • Standardized emails: Scheduled email workflows such as "order accepted", "shipment details" and "purchase confirmation" help eliminate human errors in business processes, streamline responses and improve final customer experience.

Marketing Automation: Main Benefits

  • Integration with a CRM software: To develop digital marketing strategies it is essential to have the entire base of leads and customers in one place and to unify the information.
  • Database segmentation: It allows to carry out the segmentation of the public automatically, creating subgroups based on the stage of the buyer's journey that each lead is found. Customized shipments will better reach buyer persona with relevant content for your specific needs . for
  • Greater effectiveness in the cultivation of leads: Connecting with each lead immediately and automatically can help improve your experience since it reduces response times, helping with customer loyalty and improving the image of the company. Mark. for
  • Resource optimization: Personalized marketing enables effective budget management by reducing the need for manual, non-value-adding tasks. In the same way, they shorten management times allowing specialists to reach more clients, reduce human errors and improve the user experience. for
  • Time optimization: By automating marketing processes, different actions can be created and messages scheduled for a time and date in the future, speeding up current tasks and gaining efficiency.
  • Monitoring of actions: A CRM software allows you to track and monitor each action, generating graphs and statistics in order to optimize the actions of the marketing, sales and after-sales plan. for
  • Improves the brand image: By automating processes, the customer experience with the brand is personalized and responses are streamlined that increase the visibility of the business and attract new customers. for
  • Multi-channel management: There are more and more channels in which customers can be found, that is why the responses programmed in various centralized platforms in a CRM allow to have control over the channels and interactions.

How to apply it in your business: Step by step

El primer paso para implementar una estrategia de marketing personalizado es revisar los objetivos deseados dentro del proceso actual. En esta instancia se buscará automatizar la mayor cantidad de tareas mecánicas como sea posible.  
Como segundo paso se tratará de integrar el marketing automation a una estrategia de inbound marketing para poder brindar contenido valioso que responda a las necesidades e intereses de los clientes potenciales en el momento adecuado.  
La próxima instancia será dejar de lado los mensajes genéricos y poco personalizados. Con los envíos customizados no hay necesidad de enviar un mensaje amplio y genérico a toda la base de datos. El marketing personalizado permitirá segmentar a los clientes según su etapa y deleitarlos con correos electrónicos con su nombre de pila o saludándolo para su cumpleaños.

Then, the automated actions will be carried out to send specific and well-targeted content to the base of leads and customers. At this point it is vital to keep in mind to the potential customer, since it will be the axis of the inbound strategy. Consider your client as your ally within your marketing strategy and take full advantage of the benefits of marketing automation through the implementation of scheduled workflows, customized shipments and mechanical actions.

Marketing processes generated through CRM software help keep customers involved with the brand , helping to grow your business. By sending segmented content to customers, educating them and providing solutions to their problems, you will be able to feed that link.