Process Mining: The key link in business digital transformation

Learn what process mining consists of, how to apply this solution within your business and what are its main benefits.

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Process mining is a method that allows to identify, monitor and provide a diagnosis of the real processes within a given organization.

The purpose of automatic process identification is to discover how process variants can be eliminated, find where the bottlenecks are, and define corrective actions to increase organizational efficiency.

In the path of digital transformation , the enterprise process mining solution is key already which consists of applying a set of techniques to provide a business process diagnosis to achieve structural improvements and gain efficiency.

One of the main advantages of system monitoring is its very nature of automation that allows reducing the number of people involved in analyzing information as well as the time spent doing it and thus improving results.

Process optimization: How to achieve it

Optimización de procesos: cómo lograrlo.

Before beginning to improve processes and increase organizational efficiency, gain profitability and reduce costs, it is necessary to perform a procedural control to know how the business processes are working carefully.

When opting for an enterprise process mining solution, the first thing to do is define the operational execution capacity of the business. This means that the level of performance that an organization can achieve with the time and resources it has at its disposal will be measured.

It is vital to be able to establish what the level of organizational performance is during the analysis of events since it is frequently not used to its maximum capacity, generating inefficiency in the processes and wasting resources.

To achieve the optimization of business processes, it is also necessary to identify the execution gaps, that is, the limitations that the processes have within a system.

These gaps in execution can appear as errors, inefficiencies, inconsistencies and delays during the process (many times they are hidden in the day-to-day routine).

Execution gaps exist in the following scenarios: 

  • When there are no corrective actions: In other words, there is a problem in one of the systems, but no solutions are proposed to solve them, it may be due to lack of knowledge about how the problem affects other areas or due to lack of time or some other reason.
  • When it is not possible to describe or measure how current processes work: Since each procedure is performed differently by each collaborator, there is no single possibility nor is there a standardized system, then it is impossible to measure how they are operating the processes.
  • When it is unknown what problems / root cause impact the KPIs: By not understanding the operation of processes in depth or how their operation impacts other areas, it is not known what causes inefficiencies or how they can be sort out.

Task evaluation: Which processes does it apply to?

To monitor and improve the real processes of a company, it is necessary to determine which processes can be subjected to process mining technology. It is worth noting that not all processes within an organization are suitable for this solution.

The processes suitable for carrying out event analysis are:

  • Mature and standardized: They must be processes that have been carried out for a certain time in the organization and in a certain way.
  • Measurable through KPIs: It is necessary to be able to analyze the performance of the processes in order to optimize their results.
  • Relevant to the business: In order to apply a process improvement solution, it is necessary to determine which processes are relevant to the particular business.
  • Informatizados de tal manera que se puedan obtener sus registros: Los procesos a analizar deben estar digitalizados al 100%.

Main benefits of implementing an enterprise process mining solution

Monitoreo de procesos: pasos a seguir.

Once the decision to opt for a task and process evaluation solution has been made, the first step to achieve an identification of improvement opportunities will consist of the following activities:

✓ Discovery of all the processes that need to be optimized.
✓ Analysis of the causes and origins of possible deviations in the systems.
✓ Prioritization of improvement opportunities based on solutions, impact and feasibility of carrying out.

The second instance of development and implementation of the product will consist of the construction of an action plan together with the company and the execution of the improvement plan.

Finally, during the third stage of process mining implementation, these tasks will be performed:

✓ Case monitoring.
✓ Search for improvements.
✓ Analysis of the variation of KPIs.
✓ Control of the implemented improvement.

Generally, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be applied later of process mining to automate repetitive and manual tasks within the organization.

Main benefits of implementing an enterprise process mining solution

✓ Provides a high degree of automation allowing 100% accurate and fast process diagnosis. This is especially critical when there are large volumes of data to analyze.

The information obtained is based on real events, therefore, the results that are uploaded are a faithful reflection of what happens within the organization. There is no misrepresentation or human error.

The obtained process diagnosis facilitates decision-making by executive positions. 

Using process mining algorithms, complex events can be analyzed and conclusions drawn to improve profitability and optimize business.

A world of possibilities opens up when it comes to optimizing operations to boost business.

There is a deep discovery of what the organization's processes are like and an evaluation of the functionalities.

A perfect identification of process failures, inefficiencies and bottlenecks is generated.

Conduce a una reducción de costos al incrementar la eficiencia y estandarizar procesos organizacionales. 

An effective process mining provides a complete understanding of the business and allows to obtain endless benefits to empower companies. To carry out a process diagnosis successfully, it is recommended to use a leading tool in the market such as Celonis that allows integration with SAP, Oracle, Google Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Office for greater ease.